Oh my goodness it is raining again.




I think tomorrow we are finally looking at some clear skies at least.  Today K and I met my grandma, mom, and aunt for lunch.  We went to Wendy’s which I would usually be like, “ugh gross fast food”, but they have the most amazing grilled chicken salad.  The only thing I don’t like about it is the dressing contains a lot of sugar.  Would it be too extra to bring my own??  Maybe.  Next time I’ll snap a pic because it is literally restaurant quality.


We came home and K napped while I cleaned marinara sauce out of the carpet. *huff*. Kona has this annoying habit of opening the trash cabinet, going through the trash, and then instead of at least KEEPING IT IN THE KITCHEN, she brings it to the only two freaking area rugs we have downstairs.  The stain didn’t even come all the way out I am so mad.  I might be able to rotate the rug to hide it.  I refuse to buy new area rugs with our current messy dog + messy toddler situtation.




I was a lazy + tired + still a little sick mama tonight I just had the rest of the frozen Chinese food meal from last night with some broccoli and grilled chicken thrown in.




Then I TRIED to enjoy a cookie in peace.  Obviously didn’t happen.




I will soon be snuggling up with a cup of tea and then continuing to make my way through Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat , a cookbook by Samin Nosrat and it has been quite enlightening so far.  The illustrations are so fun and I feel like I have already learned a lot.


Image result for salt fat acid heat



We are probably headed down the shore for the weekend so praying for some sunny skies!!!