Monday Funday.

When I work the weekend I always get thrown off and feel like Monday is Friday or something.  All day I kept being like “Monday Melissa, it is MONDAY.”


I picked up a helmet for K because we plan to do a bunch of biking this summer.  We bought the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Child Bicycle Trailer & Stroller from Walmart  for 99 dollars and it is now even on sale for 87 bucks!  We haven’t tried it out yet but we wanted something inexpensive since the salt air really causes things to corrode fast.  SO excited to try it out!




Monday was nice so we were outside most of the day.







This child eats SO MUCH avocado.  I sprinkle ground flaxseed on it for nutritional purposes but also so he can grab it easier.




We finally cut this crazy child’s hair because we thought the back was looking a little mullet-y… I put a little product in it though because now it sticks up again!




I used this quick & easy creamy herb chicken for dinner inspiration and it was fast and delicious!  I threw in a couple handfuls of spinach to up the veg factor.  I served it over rice.


quick & easy creamy herb chicken

I have my last night of school tonight!!!!!  Can’t say I am sad about it…

Have a good week!