sour boy. christmas festivities. days with gram.

Lately we have been treating ourselves to breakfast/lunch out on the weekends since K has been behaving quite well when we do so.  His lemon obsession is still going strong.  He demands the lemon when he sees one in our water at a restaurant.  He even chews the rind!  I swear he would eat a lemon like an apple if we let him.




We went to the Turtle Back Zoo for our 3rd time to see the holiday lights.  It is free admission which is amazing because there are always so many people working and there are so many lights up.  They have a train ride that we skipped this year only because J and I did it 2 years ago and it was FREEZING.  Next year we will layer K up a little more and make sure we do it because it was fun even though it was cold.




K was nice and bundled in his stroller.  Mama and Dada were cold though!




Recently I went to a “Sip and Stain” night with one of my girlfriends.  How cute are the little signs we made!?  We were quite proud of our crafting skills.




I have been working 2 weekday shifts in a row this month (no weekends yay!) so K has had lots of bonding time with grandma.  He got cookies AND ice cream one day!




AND he gets cartoons which he doesn’t get much at home.  Although, with the cold temps I will admit that I pop on a movie for him while I get dinner ready.  He only watches like 10 minutes and then gets bored… but those 10 minutes 🙌🏻




My mom said he was all about sitting in all the chairs and laying on all the beds in Ikea.  Time for a big boy bed??




K loves hanging out with gram and pop and we are so blessed that they help us out on the days that I work.  K loves spending time with them so it is a win win!




A busy week is ahead of us with juggling work and the family gatherings!

Holiday blessings to you and your families!!