Eats. Mall + Costco. Lake. Easy Tilapia.

I worked on Monday and got sent this cute picture from Grandma of my little jungle babe.




Monday was just a hard day at work.  When I got home I heated up some leftover steak and had crackers and guacamole as my side.   I flopped my tired body on the couch and called it dinner.  We picked up the guacamole from Alstede Farms and it is SO GOOD.   A little spicy but good flavor.  I mean I won’t lie this dinner was freaking delicious.  Costco steak is top notch!




Tuesday morning started off slow with a gross looking but delicious smoothie.




After K’s nap we first went to the mall to do a return and pick up a few things, and also enjoy walking in the cold AC.




Then we headed over to Costco.  They currently have this big poof chair in their stores right now and K loved it.  I wanted one of these so bad a couple of years ago but now I just see it as a chair that is hard to get out of.  Ha #thisis30

Actually, the chair in the top left corner is the one I was obsessing over.  Unfortunately, they had no more in stock at the store and I couldn’t find it online.  The hunt for a bedroom chair continues!




I made my current favorite sandwich for lunch.

martin’s potato roll + turkey + cheddar cheese + pickles + turkey pepperoni + mayo



We spent the late afternoon hours at the lake with friends.








K needed so many cups with dinner. Un-pictured: one he threw on the floor.




For dinner I made an old favorite tilapia dish that we used to make all the time.

I pan cooked fresh broccoli with chopped garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil.  Next I added in brown rice and about an 1/8 cup of water.  I separately cooked the tilapia in a pan with some olive oil.

Easy, healthy, and delicious!  Not the most appealing looking picture, but promise it is good!



Hope your week is going well!