Baby’s First Sleepover. Brunch + BBQS. Old Stomping Grounds.

Hello!  I am 1 day late for a little weekend recap since Monday I was at the hospital for a lovely 14 hour day.


Friday Night.

K had a successful sleepover at grandma and pop’s house.  He was a very good boy and even slept in a bit for them!  J and I had a fun night!  It was nice to be able to stay out a little later without worrying about getting back for a babysitter.




We enjoyed sleeping in (well 8am…) and a slow morning with brunch at our favorite spot.




When K got home he took a nap and then since it was so nice out we kiboshed all our plans for running errands and went for a hike.  We love this route because it is 3 miles and the scenery is so different throughout the hike.  And because it is literally a 90 second drive from our house.




Baby wearing is the most magical thing.  K will always fall asleep.  This Ergo is not supposed to be a back carrier but it actually works really well because the little front flap is good head support when he falls asleep.




After the hike we sat and sipped some water and played on the grass for a bit.




Later we headed to our friend’s house for a little baby play time + BBQing.  Our friend made this killer sauce that called “all the way sauce”.  I don’t know if it is a New Jersey thing?  It is basically like a chili sauce that you put on hot dogs and burgers.  I always remembered my dad getting it when we went to a hot dog place growing up called Johnny and Hanges.  I probably haven’t had this sauce in years!  This photo does not give our feast justice but it’s all I got.  SO good!




Fun was had by all.  SO happy the warm weather is coming so we can do more of this!




We drove to Montclair, our old stomping grounds where we lived in our first cute little apartment before we bought our house.




We went to The Crosby which wasn’t built yet when we lived there.  J went there for a work event the other night and said it was super cool inside so we checked it out.




It was cool looking butttt the food was ridiculous.  Our avocado toast was so sad looking and the burrata was a pile of tomatoes with a small plop of cheese on it.  And the service was terrible…




K had fun people watching though.




We packed up there and went uptown so I could go into my favorite but not frequently visited store Williams Sonoma.  We bought a few things and then went to De Novo for an early dinner.  It was only okay and K was at the end of tolerating us bringing him all over the place so we ate pretty fast and scooted right outa there.

We had such a fun weekend!  We were sad to see Monday…

Hope your week is going well!