weekend recap 3.28+3.29.

We made the best out of our rainy homebound weekend.  We got some fresh air when we could.  J is working on chopped up a bunch of trees that we had taken down.  We are going to have firewood for YEARS.


dad and baby chopping wood


K loves to run up and down the stones that cover our french drain.  He also wants to do everything that we are doing.  He is always trying to help carry things by putting his hand on it and walking with us.




Little smushy baby stay sweet forever okay?




We did a lot of relaxing because we were pretty limited by the rain.  We just heard that this social distancing recommendation is going to go on for at least another month.  Trying to stay positive…




We gave K an early birthday present since we realized how much longer we may be stuck home.  He LOVES this play tent.  I got it from Amazon and I would 100% recommend it to keep kids busy inside.  We plan to move it into the basement at some point but for now we have it smack in the middle of our living room.




I love seeing what color my smoothies are going to end up.  This color has taken the cake so far!  I was heavy on the blueberries this time.  If you are looking for the greatest protein powder ISO 100 is our favorite.  I wasn’t sure about its safety in pregnancy so I switched to Amazing Grass but this one is not my favorite.  I have been using half a scoop and that seems to dull down the weird flavor a bit.




I made these sour cream coffee cake muffins in loaf form.  I subbed in half whole wheat flour.  Since I had to modify the cooking time I took the first piece right out of the middle to check if it was done.  Done and delicious!  I baked for probably 1 hour 20 minutes at 325 degrees.  I kept it covered with foil for the first 45 minutes.  All 3 of us devoured a piece!



I am kicking myself for not getting us all haircuts before this quarantine.  I even thought about it weeks ago and decided to wait.  I am going to have to help K out soon or else he won’t be able to see!  OR this is an option 🙂




K is getting lots of attention from us.  Having to stay home has really slowed us down and I am not going to lie it is kind of nice.  Don’t read that as I am enjoying this, because obviously I would rather have this not going on.  But it does feel good to not be rushing around all day.




On to another week ♥️