Walks. Chicken Enchilada. Baby Spa Day.

Hi friends!  Happy last day of 2018!

We are getting our 10,000 steps in with daily walks.  I am still struggling with the motivation for actual workouts.  I started running consistently again, maybe about 3 times a week and going 3-5 miles.  BUT I really want to get into weights/strength training again.  Hoping the new year brings on some motivation…


K had a nice little spa day…he has some dryness on his scalp and I read to rub coconut oil in and let it sit for a bit. Ha Kona was thrilled that the baby smelled (and tasted) so good. I could barely keep her away.  The treatment actually worked pretty well.  A quick and natural fix!


Ha and who does he look like…comb over…little orange nose from eating too many carrots…


THIS DINNER.  I think I have shared this before but it is so delicious.  You can add any veggie to this dish.  The broccoli I added this time reminded me of a broccoli cheddar soup.


K loves his new book.  A friend told us about these.  I got the book on Amazon, they are called Indestructibles.  Baby can’t rip it!


This picture was post-baby scalp treatment.  Haha it took a bath at night to get all the coconut oil out.  He looks is a crazy child.


I hope that your last day of 2018 is a good one!  We are celebrating with some champagne and our favorite restaurant take out.  #parentsfirstnewyears

Happy New Years Eve!