oh christmas tree. date night. lazy sunday.

We are officially watching tv by christmas tree light and I am all about it.  Every year I debate getting a fake tree but I just can never pull the trigger.  I love the look of a real tree and you can’t beat the smell.  And we are making the whole cutting down the tree a family tradition so I think the fake tree idea has made its official exodus.




J and I got engaged on December 7th so we always try to do something special to commemorate the day.  We tried to go to The Pasta Shop and they were completely booked for the night.  So we headed to Rails for some good steaks.  And it did not disappoint!




We got the “Half Baked” brownie bar for dessert and it was fantastic.  We. Were. Stuffed.




On Sunday we were all a little under the weather so we had quite the lazy day.  So we started it off with pancakes.  I had a plant protein pancake mix that turned out pretty good.




We took a walk in the afternoon for some fresh air and exercise.  It has been so cold here but it felt good to get out of the house for a bit.




I got the Ninja Foodi during the Black Friday sales and I am so obsessed.  We made mac and cheese tonight from their recipe book… it needs some major tweaking so just a photo for now…




Here is to hoping this week brings us some better health 🤞