A thredUP Goody Box.

I was introduced to clothing delivery services a couple of years ago by a few bloggers that I follow. The main one was Stitch Fix. I used the service a couple of times and I liked most of the articles of clothing BUT each piece cost more than I usually like to spend. For example jeans tended to cost around $100 and the tops were about $40.

BUT I found a new box that is priced right! I have been recycling my clothing using Thred up. You order a bag (for free) and fill it with your gently used clothes and send it back. They let you know what they want to keep and sell and they will give you some money for your items. It is not a ton of cash unless you send in something super high end. HA like the time I sent in Christian Louboutin shoes that a patient’s nephew had delivered to THE HOSPITAL UNIT THAT I WORKED ON with his phone number on a piece of paper. Sorry dude, I am not a size 7…or interested. SO I sent those in and I got $250 bucks! 🙂

Recently Thred Up started doing what they call “goody boxes”. It is similar to the other services where you fill out a style profile and then they pick out items for you. You get charged 10 dollars when you order a box and that money goes towards any items that you decide to keep.

So I thought I would share my recent box! Each box contains 10 items. They are priced according to what they go for in a regular store with the obvious reduction since they are second-hand items. You keep what you want and send the rest back for free! Here is my most recent order!

This time I only kept the last sweater.  Nothing else fit great or struck my fancy.

This post is not sponsored BUT you can use my CODE for a $10 credit!! I think these boxes are super fun to go through and if you use their clean out bags it is a great way to make room in your closet and also make some money!!

Hope your week has been fab!

P.S. Code is K3I9FC if the link doesn’t work!