Summer Eats.

I took ZERO photos today.  K and I ran errands in the AM.  K took a THREE HOUR NAP in the afternoon so I cleaned out the garage since we are going to be painting in there soon.

I keep coming across all these random food photos in my phone from summer.  I was all about quick and simple meals.  Summer was busy and the last thing I wanted to do was cook an elaborate meal over a hot stove.  I have to remember this compilation of photos for the next time I can’t think of a dinner idea…



OH my goodness.  We sometimes order from a meal prep company when life is busy or we just need a break from trying to figure out lunches. Eat Clean Bro has this amazing broccoli burger and we are OBSESSED.  I have the list of ingredients down so one of these days I will try to recreate it.




Taco night = slow cooker chicken with all the toppings.




Lemon zucchini pasta..  always a winner.



Cod + rice.  I always forget about this meal when I am planning out dinner!  So easy.




We picked up fresh ravioli from a local farm and it was SO GOOD.  We topped with asparagus and a generous amount of parm cheese.




When J works late I can’t say I get too fancy… PB+J and banana gets the job done sometimes.




Costco bagged salads were a lunch staple all summer.  Quick and unappetizing to K so I got lunch all to myself.




This makes me want to dive into my slow cooker recipes for the fall.  I’ll take note of the good ones and get them all in one post for future reference.  Happy cooking’!