Jogging. Yard Work. Baby Spam.

We started this BEAUTIFUL weather day jogging with a friend and then playing at the playground.




We hung at home most of the day and I did like 5 hours of yard work.  Ha.  My back is killing me but I really do enjoy it.  And we get to be outside all day so win win.  K did well playing with his toys and I took breaks to give baby snugs and play too.  And he did take a nice long afternoon nap.




These bushes had grass all around them which I hated, so I finally dug out all the grass and mulched around them.






I also moved back our rock wall and cleaned out our drainage trench since we had a lot of water/ice issues last winter.




K loves being outside and was amazed by the simplest things…






I got this chair for J since he needs a lot of shade at the beach, but it is WAY too small for him.  I’m still keeping it though because, well, ha I love it.  It is so comfy!




Pounding milk.




It was so nice to be outside all day today and we had such a fun day together!




But I am exhaustedddd.  I am putting this child to bed, pouring a glass of wine, and then relaxing!

Hope your day was fun and productive!