life as of late.

We are getting hit with quite a cold snap which has made me realize that winter with a toddler is going to be MUCH different than winter with a 6 month old.  Even in this cold K still likes to run around outside so we bundle up and head out.  But we will see how long this lasts because MOM is cold out there.




We went out to dinner with family last week to The Little Food Inn which is a cute BYOB.  We both had different sandwiches the last time we went and we were not impressed.  But this lasagna did not disappoint.  I had a chicken tarragon lasagna and J had a vegetable lasagna.  We made a pact to only order entrees when we come here because the entrees are always so good.




More running around outside in the cold weather.  At least K will keep his hat and mittens on!




I made this last week and we really liked it so this week I switched it up and used a butternut squash instead of sweet potato.  I still am tweaking this recipe a bit because I think it could use some more flavor but I still want to keep it healthy.




We spent some time with grandma this week.  We went to my old school’s consignment shop to get some books since I pretty much have our current books memorized I have read them to K so much.  I was pretty thrilled because we got like 15 books and two sweaters for K for about 20 bucks.




This can’t be my son.  I put on Christmas music and this is what he did.  I’ll turn it off for now, but after Thanksgiving the Christmas music will be in full swing!




Now.   This meal looks absolutely disgusting in pictures AND in person.  But I need to share because I discovered a cooking hack/substitute.  We love chicken marsala but it is hard to always remember if I have marsala wine in the house.  So in place of the marsala wine (that I of course didn’t have) I used a cabernet.  Now, the color really threw us off but I promise it tasted just like chicken marsala.  SO if you ever forget marsala wine but have a bottle of red in the house, you should be just fine.  As long as you can get past the unappealing color…




I don’t know if this is a mom win or fail but K will finally sit and watch parts of a movie.  Not that I want my child to be obsessed with TV, but honestly a mom has to survive sometimes.  It just allows me to cook dinner without a child wrapped around my legs and that just makes the whole process so much faster.  And I just downloaded the new Disney app so we watched The Little Mermaid which was my favorite Disney movie growing up!




More bundled up baby pictures.  I felt super cooped up this week but I guess we did get outside a bit.




We are celebrating J’s birthday this weekend so K is going to Grandma and Pop’s for a sleepover.   We are thinking of tackling some house projects during the day and then going to a early dinner and seeing a movie.  And then hopefully in bed by 10.  #thisisour30s

Have a good weekend!