Sore Arms = Strong Arms.

HALPPPP.  K was held 80% of the day.  He was just so not thrilled to be alone at all today.  My arms are not even that tired…must be getting stronger (ha).  SO today was slightly uneventful.


Food:  un-pictured 2 homemade banana muffins, and then one cheese stick (oops lunch fail).  Dinner–> Spinach salad from Mealime, with some modifications.

Fitness:  30 minute run + 50 squats + 50 lunges + 1 minute plank.  This was one of his two naps today… a whole 20 minutes.  WOW.


Fun:  Baby play time,  ha well Kona relaxed all day, and some reading and wine once baby went to bed at 5:40 p.m.  I have no clue if I’m doing this baby sleep training thing right but he hardly naps during the day so by 5:30 he is like READY for bed.  Last night he slept from 5:40p to 7:00a with only one wake up!  Mama woke up with huge milk boobs though that required a hand pump in the middle of the night *eye roll*.  CMON even when K sleeps the night I still wake up a bunch.  Either because I think I hear him or the girls are bursting.  Ha mom life.  Is this for forever??!!  Gosh I miss sleeping.

Tomorrow Grandma is coming over so this mama can get her hair and nails done.  It feels like Christmas tomorrow.  I CAN’T WAIT.

Last week of summer right??  How crazy.  Hope the week is a good one for ya!