Reno. Birthday. Taco. Veggie Burger.

We are STILL a major reno site here at 137. I really had to dig deep to motivate myself to keep painting today… the end is near!

It was J’s birthday yesterday so we went out for dinner to celebrate. We went to Smoke Rise Village Inn. Wine was great, food was only okay. Obviously I only documented the wine…

I made tacos on Monday night.  Super easy, I just browned up some ground beef with taco seasoning and water.  We topped them with salsa and shredded lettuce. And paper plates because kitchen = disaster.  And eating on our laps because dining room table = tool bench.

Today we took a walk that we kept pretty short because FREEZING. Then while K napped I whipped up some veggie burgers for dinner tonight. I followed this recipe with some minor substitutions because I wanted to avoid going to the store.

K has been in pajamas all day. Who am I kidding…ha so have I. This house project has been super time-consuming but it will be worth it in the end!

Time to put the babe to bed and continue channeling my inner Joanna Gaines!

Happy Wednesday!