Weekend Recap.

Now that I am off orientation at work I sadly start up my routine of working every other weekend.  But this weekend we enjoyed the days together!

Saturday we started the day with a morning gym sesh.  I took a spin class and then K and I watched J finish up his CrossFit class.  It feels SO GOOD to be back at a gym.  The motivation is strong right now!


Refueled with my usual smoothie.


In the mix: protein powder + 1 banana + 5 strawberries + 2 ice cubes + 1/2 milk

I got my hair and nails done.  So long overdue.  I came back and made a wrap for lunch.


In the mix: turkey + cheddar + lettuce + Bolthouse greek yogurt ranch dressing .

We hung home Saturday night and ordered in some Mexican food.


Sunday morning we did the CrossFit bootcamp at our gym.  HOLYYYY.  It was a good workout.  My arms were jelly after, ha I could hardly carry K to the car.

We headed to church and then came home to enjoy the beautiful 60 degree day!


I did some meal prep for the week.  Recipe coming soon… nothing special but it is a healthy and filling meal that holds up well in the fridge.


We spent some more time outside.  K currently wants nothing to do with standing still.  I just hope he starts walking soon so he can be less frustrated.  Ha actually so we ALL can be less frustrated.


We just got a fire cooking in our wood burning stove.  T-minus 45 minutes until baby bedtime…


J wants to make spaghetti carbonara tonight with edamame spaghetti we have.  He never cooks with a recipe but I will try to keep watch so I can share!

Hope your weekend was a fun one!