East as of late.

Hi all!  I have been busy with my latest DIY project and it is a doozy.  It will take awhile but I will share when complete!  Today K had a nice day with Grandma so I could have some uninterrupted time working on it.

His new favorite food is yogurt and this boy goes hog wild when I have it on a spoon in front of him.



Halloween party food.  Slow cooker meatballs and Mac and cheese.  The meatballs are super easy and the mac and cheese was beautifully cheesy.

Big ole salad.  The usual.


Homemade cupcakes.  HACK: Make a box mix with an extra egg, milk instead of water, and melted butter instead of oil.  SO GOOD.


Apparently many salads recently…


Oh my gosh…


Here we go.  PIZZA.  Keto fat head crust!  Talked about here.


So salad, pizza, and cupcakes.  All about balance right?!


Happy Hump Day 🙂