sick house. homemade lasagna. goodbye christmas.

We have been on the s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e bus lately.  K started off the sickness, then it moved to J, and then I caught a bit of it too.  We are finally coming around today so hopefully it is out the door by tomorrow.




Currently K has little interest in his train table for actual train usage… it has become a thing to climb on or a place to play with other toys.  I am thinking of getting a toddler size chair to pull up next to it because he loves sitting at the little tables in our library.




I can’t remember if I wrote about this masterpiece yet BUT this is J’s second lasagna he has made from scratch.  I’m talking homemade noodles and everything.  IT IS SO GOOD and worth every cheesy calorie.




I was so bummed to say goodbye to our Christmas tree this year.  I finally took it down today.  I loved having it be our only source of light at night because it was so relaxing.  But 6 days into January, it was time…




I have zero good pictures of K in front of the tree.  It was either no smiles, him pulling off an ornament or “ball”, or just a blur of a toddler running.




Today we went to the mall with my mom to get some steps in (SO COLD OUT) and obviously to dine at chick-fil-a.  I just found out they are putting in a chick-fil-a at the mall near us and I’m trying not to let fried chicken get me too excited but too late.




We actually did end up going for an outside walk today anyway because I wanted to go to the library and K needed to get some more energy out because he took a 3 HOUR NAP.



I have had nothing impressive to share for dinners.  I had a BL(minus the T) sandwich with a ton of iceberg lettuce tonight because J is working late.  Fancy Pants.




I have plans to hit the gym tomorrow morning.  This girl has taken quite the hiatus.  I always struggle to get moving in the AM for the gym when it is so cold out.  Maybe I need to start laying clothes out or something.  Or if Spring could just get here now.  Small request right?