Mommy Day.

Looking through my pictures from today they are ALL OF THE BABY.  I have a snap of breakfast from yesterday since today’s breakfast was boring.

oatmeal and banana

oatmeal + almond butter + chopped banana

We took a quick trip to the gym and then sped home just in time for nap time.  This crazy kid took a SOLID 2 hour nap….


We went to Plato’s Closet so I could try to sell some of my old clothes.  The baby consignment shop is next door so I picked up some summer clothes for K and a toy walker.  He was getting the hang of it at the end of the day and it was so cute!!


More playtime…


Later we enjoyed the nice weather and took a run with my friend and her babe.  Mamas pushin’ baby joggers!


I had a salad with a veggie burger for dinner with K touching me the entire time.  VELCRO lately.


Now I am watching the new Queer Eye on Netflix!!  LOVE THESE GUYS.

Happy hump day!