playground rotation. haircut saga. 3 month old L.

We are having our usual fall weather where long pants and long sleeves are good in the AM but way too hot in the PM. K runs around shirtless many afternoons to balance out the outfit.

Covid is still making life challenging so our daily activities include playground hopping and not much else. K doesn’t seem to mind and he has seen just about every playground in the area.

I usually pack him a lunch so he gets to play for a bit and then takes a lunch break. He will still take a good nap so we are home by 12ish so we don’t miss our nap window.

L is just along for the ride and usually takes a good snooze in the stroller or I hold him in a baby carrier. Suddenly the carseat is super appealing to L and he takes many naps in there.

Cue our nightly scene… I cleaned up one of our strollers so we now keep it inside and just wheel L around at night during his “witching hour”. Now we only have maybe 1 or 2 bad evenings with him a week vs our usual every night. Whatever it takes right?

We recently went to the lake for one of their fall events. J’s friends recently moved to our town so we met up with them and their kids for a night of music and pizza.

I am STRUGGLING to find K a place to get a good haircut. His hair is so pin straight that it seems to be hard to cut? I haven’t taken him to an actual barber yet so I might have J take him with the next time he goes.

If anyone has a black thumb I have a good trick for an indoor pathos plant. This little guy was struggling a bit but I moved him into our bathroom and he has grown like crazy. I think it’s a mixture of the moisture and also the sky light. I am going to trim and try to propagate some leaves soon.

Our little L is 3 months! I think I can safely say that we are out of the worst of the newborn baby madness. We have many crutches for sleep and naps so the next step will be to sleep train him so we don’t have to jump through all these hoops every day for him to sleep. I am going to start when he is 4 months so I have 4 weeks to soak up all the good things right now.

He loves mom, milk, and his carseat. He hates tummy time and baths. He loves to watch K and he is getting quite chatty when he looks at his toys. And not to jinx anything but he has slept from 10p-6a two nights in a row. I am thinking of moving him to his own room soon!

I hope you are having a relaxing weekend ♥️

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