sweet treat. last shore trip. smelling all the flowers.

happy tuesday!!

k got spoiled by grandma the other day and got to go pick out a cupcake treat. It was right after my chiropractor appointment so we stopped at Kara Cakes. Just like his mama he thought the icing was the best part. But unlike his mama, he left the cake behind.

Our little L is almost 3 months already which just blows my mind because it has gone so fast. He still likes being held for naps but he will take a pretty good snooze in the car seat. He is consistently sleeping a 6 hour stretch at night which I am ecstatic about. We still battle the fussy evenings so he doesn’t have a bedtime yet. He hangs out with us until 10ish and then he has a bottle that I pumped so he eats well and is able to sleep the long stretch. I want to try a bedtime soon but I am also not willing to sacrifice that long stretch of sleep! When I feel like I am more caught up on sleep I might try an 8pm bedtime and figure that he will probably wake up around 2am to eat and then maybe sleep the rest of the night? Maybe next week… because it sure feels good to sleep again haha.

We were down the shore for probably our last weekend of the year. It was chilly so we didn’t do any beach lounging but we did go into Island Beach State Park and walk some of the trails. K walked so far and had a great time racing on the beach. I taught him “ready, set, go” when we were at the track one day so he gets into a runner stance and then takes off when I yell go. Makes this runner mama pretty happy. Oh and side note, I bought this ab rehab program to try to build up my core so I am able to run again. Pregnancy has destroyed all core strength so my lower back bothers me when I run. Once I get though the program I am going to try running again. I miss it so much!

L has taken a liking to my baby blanket. I mean I get it bud, it’s pretty soft. And I am sure that it permanently smells like me even after washes. It definitely looks like a 30 year old blanket but he loves it so it is here to stay.

I made my seasonal trip to the consignment shop Once Upon A Child for K’s new 3T fall wardrobe. I am dying over these skinny jeans. I wanted to squeeze him all day! But that is also everyday so.

L has been more enthusiastic about mat playtime. It has been a huge relief to have him not need to be worn in a wrap at all times. Have you ever emptied a dishwasher with a baby strapped to your chest? Not ideal. So the house is also tidier with him being happier solo which has made me feel less overwhelmed.

I will leave you with this picture which had me laughing for hours. I take my photos with that “live” setting on the iPhone so it is a short video clip of when the photo was taken. K loves to smell flowers and the video clip is hilarious. And then this still photo just was killing me.

today is going to be a good day! ♥️

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