2 month babies. chicken + ranch skillet.

Of course I was late taking 2 month photos for L since he is now 10 weeks… but how cute is he??!! He is so much happier! We still have our grumpy evenings here and there but nothing even close to what it used to be. He is smiling and giggling and we love him so much.

Can we just talk about how different K and L look at 2 months!! I feel like they hardly look like brothers. I love seeing how much babies change in the first few months.

We live on a somewhat busy road but our house is set back pretty far that I am usually okay with it. But a car hit the guard rail in front of our house and now I am freaked out again about it. When I walk with the boys I am only on the road for a few minutes before I turn up to a school and then do side streets but this happened exactly where we have to walk. I am always on high alert when we walk here but now I am extra nervous. How this car even did this I have no clue! Where the cones are is where the guardrail is completely blown through.

Our lake days are dwindling down since the weather has cooled a bit. If we get some hot days this week we will probably try to go a few more times.

I made this amazing dinner that a blogger that I follow recommended. It was kind of a lot of steps but nothing super difficult! You can find the chicken ranch skillet recipe here.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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