enjoying the last bits of summer.

Even though I feel like September is still warm enough to be considered summer, it definitely feels like we are winding the season down. It went so fast with L being born in the middle of it! Also COVID has made things pretty weird so I think that has added to how quick and crazy it felt.

We have the start of smiles from our little guy. He makes us work for them though! K can usually get some pretty good ones out of him. But it takes major mom voice to get him to crack one for me.

Our little fish continues to enjoy the lake. It will be sad when we don’t have this morning activity when it gets colder. But I do enjoy the fall weather so I am sure I will think of some kind of replacement outdoor activity.

K has been all about trucks and trains. He loves his train set and plays with it every day. He also has quite the truck collection now since baby brother “brought” him lots of gifts!

K used to be the best eater and would try anything I gave him. Recently he is a bit more fussy but I can always win with a smoothie. Recently I am all about what is fast and easy but I am trying to offer him something new each day to get him used to seeing new things again.

These last 7 weeks have been a bit draining for me. Even though K is a pretty well behaved 2 year old, trying to juggle both boys has been an adjustment to say the least. I have heard from many people that once baby hits 3 months things get easier. Ha hoping that is the case for us… I am ready to clock some z’s again. K was such an easy babe that this is all new for me!

Our little L is giving us a run for our money but he sure is cute 🙂

Here is to squeezing out the last bits of summer over the next few weeks!

happy summer days!!

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