recent eats + baby wearing.



Things have still been just as crazy around here.  I will say that we are making moves in the right direction though.  I can get the boys to take a 2ish hour nap at the same time in the afternoon so at least I have some time to get things done.  I usually choose that time to workout because it is the only time in the day I get to do anything for me.  It helps to give me a little boost since afternoons tend to be the hardest with the boys.  I have been doing Peloton spin classes using the phone app and then I will do some ab exercises to try to strength my core so I can run again!




We have been spending some time at the lake.  I have gone solo a couple of times but it is a lot trying to wrangle two little boys by myself.




I made dinner for friends who had a scary hospital visit with their little one.  Not pictured is a bunch of grilled chicken using the THE BEST marinade.  This is hands down my favorite way to make grilled chicken.  I marinade overnight and it tastes amazing!  And J said this mac and cheese was the best he has ever had!




Since I have a baby strapped to me basically at all times,  I invested in a new baby wrap called the Maya wrap just to give my back a break from the same wrap position.  It is a great ring wrap with a padded shoulder and little pocket for your phone!




K has been very helpful with L.  He will cover him with a blanket or try and put the pacifier in his mouth if he is crying.




I surprisingly have been making a lot of new meals.  With it being so hot we have been inside a lot.  And since I am baby wearing all the time I can’t sit down so I might as well cook!  I forgot take pictures of all the meals (probably because I don’t get to eat them until 5 hours later…) but this was the greatest grilled chicken marinade.




I made a ground turkey bake which I had with a side of rice which was really good.  I browned the ground turkey and then added spinach, an onion, cream of mushroom soup, onion powder, garlic powder, and salt + pepper.  I topped it with mozzarella cheese and feta cheese and then baked it in the oven until the cheese was bubbly.  I topped it with more feta for good measure.




I also made greek chicken and rice in the instant pot.  Not bad… but kind of had that “slow cooker everything tastes the same” kind of thing that I am not a huge fan of.

Last night I made a mushroom and onion salisbury steak which was AMAZING.  That was my first time making or even eating salisbury steak.

Not bad eats for having a super fussy newborn!




We have been going on some walks again and I usually let K run around the school near us for a change of scenery.  The poor kid is doing so well with me having my hands full.  He is still our happy little boy!




L is 6 weeks on Sunday so fingers crossed we start getting some sleep around here!

happy weekend ♥️



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