one month!

We have survived one month.  I won’t lie, it has been a tough one.  K was an easy baby and I knew it… but now I REALLY realize how easy he was.  L loves to be held and cuddle with mama which I love, but it makes it tough to keep this household together.  My love for cooking and baking have taken a backseat which kills me but I am sure we will get into a routine soon.




We have gotten down the shore twice so far which has helped moods all around.  Between COVID-19 still being a thing and the whole newborn “quarantine” we have been dying to get out of the house.




Sun and salt air… the cure for everything in this family.




K has been such a big help and loves cuddling with L.  He has really been such a super big brother and we are so happy he has taken to this transition so well.




Boys love their mama… they need to be touching me at ALL times.




L looks so different already!  I forgot how quickly they grow in those first few months.




I won’t lie, K does not hear no too often right now.  He has been watching an embarrassing amount of TV and eating lots of snacks since L is such a fussy babe.  He loves PB scoops just like his mama!




K likes to rock his “babies” and give them pats on their back to help them burp.  This child is so so sweet.




A rare moment where L is okay not being held 🙂




Becoming a mom to two boys has been an awesome but exhausting transition.  We have good days and bad days but I wouldn’t change a thing.  Well, okay I would change the fact that this baby hates to sleep BUT… life is good 🙂




happy weekend!!



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