life as a mama to two.

I’ve read about people debating what child transition is the hardest.  Some say 0 to 1 is hardest, others argue that 1 to 2 is most difficult but then going from 2 to 3 is like nothing.  I have to say these last almost 2 weeks have been physically, emotionally, and mentally draining.  The lack of sleep in addition to the pressure (from myself) to keep the house together and two boys happy has been a challenge.  Family and friends have been extremely helpful which I am so grateful for.  I am just taking it day by day and enjoying the good days and doing my best to navigate the not so good ones.




K is definitely warming up to baby though and loves giving all the kisses + hugs and snuggles.




K always asks to hold the baby and gets very upset if we want to take the baby back.  He is also good with being gentle and says “aw baby” and then strokes his head.  It is very cute.




One of the biggest things I am struggling with is the guilt of not being able to give the attention I want to give to K.  Baby L is having a fussy little time adjusting to the outside world and likes to be held a lot.  I have had a couple of mornings where L will sleep again for a bit after he nurses around 6ish so then I have a good chunk of time to give to K.




I never really understood when women talked about how hard it is to eat with a newborn.  K was such an easy baby!  Now… totally get it.  I throw some yogurt in a bowl most days for lunch and then dinner has been provided by my freezer stash or lovely family/friends.




I love love love babies so even though things have been busy I want to make sure I am soaking up all the newborn time in case we decide that our family of four is complete.




I am so thankful for the health of my boys and love seeing that K is already filling that big brother protector role.  I wonder what their relationship will be like as they get older!  I am a huge believer that you can’t force your kids to be best friends.  I think that being consistent with treating your children fairly and not making everything the responsibility of the biggest sibling is what can help create the bond between siblings.  Too often I think you hear the oldest sibling being scolded because the youngest is crying and because they should “know better”.  Which maybe it is the older sibling who is at fault, but I feel like it is super important to take the time to uncover the source of the argument so that neither child feels like they are the one always taking the blame.  Ha so that’s my “parenting plan”, hopefully that will stay true even when tempers are hot.




I love being a mom but I look forward to the day when I can take back a few things for myself.  I think self care is important for healthy mental health so I am trying to get back to a good place.  This mama is stretched thin but hopefully in a few weeks things will balance out and I can continue to post and share life here!



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