first lunch outing in months + running laps.

We had our first restaurant experience in almost 4 months and enjoyed an outdoor lunch date with my parents.  It was weird… the server was so nervous about sanitizing chairs and he just seemed flustered in general.  But K seemed to enjoy himself!  I wondered how well he would sit after being out of “restaurant practice” but he did great!




Over the weekend we took a walk to the high school to let K run around somewhere new.  He ran 2 full laps and we finally made him stop because his face was so red!




Someone had made solo cup phrases a while back and they are still holding up pretty well!




We have been going to the lake on the nice days.  It is not crowded at all and we usually end up hanging out with people we already know which is nice.




Nothing too crazy on the dinner menu recently.  I am trying to not have a fridge full of food since we will probably be spending some time at the hospital very soon!!




39 weeks this week!  K was already born at this time so this baby seems to be a bit more comfortable.  This mama on the other hand…

We are ready for you baby ♥️



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