friday feels. 5.

Another quarantine week done ✔️


all the feels


omniboost travel booster seat:  I wish I got this a year ago!  We have a larger travel high chair but we keep it down the shore so we are stuck when we need something in the off season.  K is a little big for this chair, we maybe have 1 year of use out of it for him but I figure we will have two kids in high chairs in like 8 months so it will come in handy.  I wanted to get a little chair for him anyway but I don’t like a bunch of toy clutter in the house so this one has a duel purpose of also being a travel high chair.  K LOVES sitting in little chairs!




pothos propagating:  I got a pathos plant awhile back and it has been getting kind of big for the pot I have it in.  I researched how to propagate the leaves and came across this video on YouTube.  It is a great video and helped me figure out how to do this.  I wish I did more leaves so I had a fuller new plant but I have more leaves growing roots now so I am going to just add them to this pot.  So far so good, things are looking healthy!




someone we know by shari lapena:  If you need a good book recommendation I would say ANYTHING by Shari Lapena is great.  But this was my most recent read.  It is my usual pick of a thriller/murder mystery.



Enjoy the weekend ♥️



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