a quarantine birthday.

K seemed to enjoy his stay at home birthday this year.  He got a cupcake and got to open a few presents.  My parents came over for a bit to give him gifts and spend some time with us (outside) on his special day.




He is just OBSESSED with balloons.  But helium balloons are a whole other level of excitement.  Unfortunately one got away from us outside but he has been playing with his remaining balloon every second.  He likes to let it go in our stairwell and then have us help him get it.   A very fun game…




K was pretty happy with all his new toys.




He got a Y bike scooter from my parents which he got the hang of pretty quickly.  I highly recommend this scooter!  It was easy for a two year old to use and I am sure he will play with this for years.




My mom’s mail lady is the sweetest woman ever and she gave us a slide that her family was no longer using.  Another huge hit with K!




The birthday boy had a couple more bites of his cupcake after dinner.  I think he had a pretty good day even with all the craziness going on in the world!




Have you ever had a wagyu beef burger?!  Our meat selection was slim when I went grocery shopping so I ended up with all kinds of things we don’t normally choose.  These were so good though!  They had a very smooth texture if that makes sense.  Not sure I would buy these every time since they are pricey was it was a nice change up!




We made it another week!  Happy Friday!!



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