K is TWO!



we officially have a two year old!

When we ask you how old you are you will try to make two fingers but need some help getting those three fingers to stay down.  You love to be outside and play tennis, t-ball and basketball.  When you want someone to play with you, you will go over and pull their leg toward where you want them to go.  You love to eat yogurt, fruit, green beans, and pb from the spoon.  You love bubbles and riding your red bike.  You like to wear your football shirt and ask for it along with your ball pajamas at night.  You love being outside and this cold April hasn’t bothered you at all.   You love the movie Up and watching “trucks” and Dora the Explorer.  You still love blankie and your nuk and we are wondering if we are going to have a tough time breaking your pacifier habit… but for now we don’t see any harm in it and it makes you quite happy.  You like having bites of whatever we are eating and our food ALWAYS looks better than yours.  You LOVE Grandma and Pop-Pop and get so so excited to see them.  When we ask you what Pop says you make a big burp sound and it always has us cracking up.  You like to watch big trucks and motorcycles go by the house.  When asked where the baby is you point to my belly and give it a kiss.  You love giving hugs and kisses and we are so proud and in love with our sweet little boy ♥️



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