smoothie strong + taco tuesday.

Hi friends!  It is TUESDAY in case you need that 🙂


Our love for smoothies is still going strong in this house.  K loves them and I love to pump his little body full of good healthy stuff.  By the way this little guy turns TWO tomorrow!




before the mix…  I stuff all kinds of nutrition into these things.




We jumped in puddles again today after our walk. We had thunderstorms and weird rain on and off all throughout the day.  The sun made an appearance at least!




We had taco night with all the fixings.  All I had to do was brown some ground turkey with taco seasoning and we were ready.




I don’t know why we don’t do taco night more often.  It is so so easy to prep and such a fun and delicious meal!




By the end of the day I am exhausted so after dinner and bath time we have been having movie night.  K is obsessed with the movie Up (I think it is all the balloons) and he will sit here for the entire movie which he NEVER does.  I think he is wiped out too by the end of the day.  Sometimes K asks to FaceTime my parents but tonight we are just relaxing with a movie while I type up this post.




I hope you are finding things to do and feeling well during what is hopefully the last few weeks of this quarantine ♥️



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