more eats. more of the outdoors. more relaxing.

I look at these these pictures and it reminds me how similar our days are getting right now.  I am PRAYING that the 30th really is the last day of this.  And even so, that is still quite a way away.  But trying to stay positive!


I made a meat vodka sauce for dinner one night but after one bite decided I didn’t want to deal with acid reflux for the rest of the night.  J enjoyed it though and I enjoyed chickpea pasta with butter + parm + broccoli.




Someone is getting reallyyyy comfy watching TV these days.




We continue to try to get some time outside each day.  The next few days look pretty promising with temps in the 60s!




K likes to wear my sunglasses.  I really need to find a good kid pair for him.  Anyone know of any good brands??




K has also been working on quite a powerful swing.  He likes us to chase the balls while he just whacks them.  Fun for K, tiring for mama…




This water table has been a great thing for us.  K got it for this birthday last year and we have gotten a ton of use out of it.




K is the only one doing any gardening/yard work since I am suffering from some killer poison oak rashes on my arms.  I will spare you a picture but it is bad.  Ha we will just add it to the list of things I have had to endure during this pregnancy with no medication.  Lesson learned… ALWAYS garden with long sleeves.




K seems pretty happy despite our mundane days.  We did the usual chalk, bubbles, bike rides before heading inside.




After dinner and a bath J made the mistake of giving laundry basket rides…




They were at this for a good half hour before J had to call it quits.  But baby entertainment and a workout in 1 while mama got to sit on the couch?  I will consider it a win.




Another week done.  Our weekend is looking warm and sunny so we are excited about that!





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