sun. splash tables. smoothies.

Friday was the most beautiful day!  It gave me full confidence that as long as the weather warms up a bit, I can totally survive another month at home.  Which unfortunately is how it is looking…


We have been taking our mornings a bit slow with breakfast and a show.  For some reason he eats better when he is watching something on TV.  Another great habit we are forming during this quarantine.




I have been craving smoothies.  I usually will make one for lunch after I workout.  We are running low on frozen fruits and veggies so I might need to switch it up soon.




I cooked steak + burgers and mashed cauliflower to have on hand for some quick meals.  I followed the same recipe for the cauliflower that we made on valentines day.  It literally tastes like mashed potatoes and it goes perfectly with steak.




Another smoothie!  Told you I was obsessed.  My smoothies are usually a veggie + banana + chia seeds + protein powder + a handful of frozen fruit which is usually a berry mix.




K and I tried out the sit and stand attachment for our stroller.  K seemed pretty thrilled about it, he kept asking for more rides.  Let’s hope the enthusiasm continues.




We are waiting on a bubble maker that I bought on amazon.  I can’t keep up with how many bubbles this child wants blown so the bubble maker was more on my wish list than his.  Bubbles + sidewalk chalk are becoming a daily activity.




Friday was absolutely perfect so we were outside for 90% of the day.  I got K’s splash table all cleaned up and he spent some time in there while I gardened.




When he got sick of the splash table I resorted to just letting him play in the dirt while I finished up.  I am trying convince J to build him a sandbox but we have a lot of animals near us so we would need one that we could cover up.  But the dirt did the trick so now I am wondering if we even need the sandbox.  I guess the sand is cleaner though…




This weekend is looking to be a total washout which is a bummer because we were hoping to go down the shore for a change of scenery.

 I hope that your social distancing is going smoothly!  



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