friday feels. 4.

Happy Friday ♥️


all the feels.


mini sewing machine: I did a lot of sewing in my high school years.  I always used my grandma’s sewing machine which was super huge.  Recently I wanted a sewing machine mostly for repairs but I did not want it taking up a large amount of room.  I was doing a lot of clothing repairs by hand but it was just super time consuming.  This little machine has been a total game changer.  You can pack it up when you are done and stick it in the closet.  It has been working amazing for me!




homemade caramel macchiato:  I have been missing Starbucks during this social distancing time… first world problems, I know.  I found a recipe for homemade caramel so I have been enjoying a little taste of Starbucks in the comfort of my home.  I also have a Nespresso with a milk frother, similar to this one.




neutrogena hydro boost hand gel:  Between it being winter/early spring and this covid 19 pandemic my hands are so dry.  I purchased this because I love the gel cream face lotion they make.  This smells amazing and doesn’t feel too thick/tacky when you put it on.




happy weekending 🙂



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