what day is it?

I had to double check that it was Tuesday…


My nurse manager called me yesterday to talk about being pregnant and working in our covid units.  We came to the conclusion to take me off the schedule this week and see if HR can find me a safer place to work for the next few weeks (months?).  I am definitely relieved, but now I have the whole week ahead of me WIDE open.  But our health and safety is the most important so homebound I will be for the week.


We rearranged our playroom a bit to give us more room.  Mounting the TV really helped.  And now with all the time we spend in here it is nice to have it be a bit more functional.




K looks quite unamused but he is the one who asked for this walk.  It was sunny out in the morning but deceivingly cold.




He was much happier throwing rocks into the water at home.




We put a french drain in this winter and it seems to be helping with our water drainage issues.  We used to get a HUGE puddle where K is standing and that is obviously not happening anymore.




This afternoon warmed up and it was so nice sitting in the sun.  K is impressive with how far he can hit the ball off the tee as an almost 2 year old.  I maybe see some baseball in our future!




Nothing fancy here… we have tons of frozen spinach so that has been our veggie for too many days to count.  I placed an order for grocery delivery today and they are backed up a whole week!




We got an area rug delivered today and K was pumped with his new “jungle gym”.  He climbed all over this thing for at least a half hour.




I hope you are staying sane and staying home!  Thank you to all those who must leave the house to work, we are grateful for you ♥️



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