parks. takeout. fire x 2.

In an effort to change up our outdoor activities, K and I went to Goffle Brook Park which is right near my parent’s house.


blog grandma baby park water


K had fun running around and throwing rocks in the water.  There was actually a TON of people there… but we kept our 6 foot distance 🙂


blog grandparents park walk baby


My sister and brother-in-law live right by the park as well so we visited with them before we went home.  K and little N “played” even though K wasn’t the best about sharing toys… we have 3 months to change that!


blog baby cousins babybjorn


We finally caved and ordered takeout from our favorite Italian/pizza spot.  It was nice to not have to cook!


blog takeout Italian breaded chicken salad


We are continuing our yard clean up when we can.  We have made progress and are thinking about getting our topsoil delivery so we can start growing some grass!


blog outside husband fire pit


K and I watched the fire and had snacks.


blog baby Lara Bar sunglasses


Life is just weird right now being home so much but we are trying to take advantage of being forced to slow down.  We have gotten a lot of little house projects done so we are feeling pretty productive at least.


blog baby t-ball outside


Again, hope you are staying safe and healthy! ♥️



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