eats. great blogs to follow. firing up the grill.

Thankfully we have been blessed with some nice spring weather.  Smoothies are in full force as well as soaking up all the vitamin D.




K is ready for T-ball!  He is getting pretty good at hitting the ball off the tee.  I can’t wait until he is old enough to play some organized sports.




I found a loaf of bread from Whole Foods that I froze a while back.  It is a raisin walnut bread and it is quite delicious topped with peanut butter and banana.




We are getting really really good at chalk.  A lot of bloggers/instagram accounts that I follow are posting good ways to keep kids busy at home.  I LOVE Jen at Rambling Redhead and her post is here.  If you don’t follow her on instagram you must because she is so so funny.  Julie at PB Fingers has two young boys so her blog is always full of fun ideas too.




Our grill is getting some good use.  We have been making lots of grilled chicken.  Sam The Cooking Guy recommends to pound out the chicken so it is all the same thickness and it really makes a difference.  The chicken stays juicy throughout and cooks nice and evenly.  You can watch his grilled chicken video here!




This weekend we plan to do some home projects and (as long as everyone is feeling healthy) to go to my parent’s for dinner on Sunday.

I hope your weekend is full of family time.  Squeeze your loved ones! ♥️







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