smoothies. yard clean up. pantry clean out.

We have been all about cleaning up and cleaning out.  I guess it is how we are feeling productive while not being able to leave the house.  We got started on our spring yard clean up.  We made quite a large fire in our fire pit and burned a bunch of random branches and yard scraps.  Benefits of living in the woods 🙂




I have been plowing through books during K’s nap time.  I just finished Man Of The Year by Caroline Louise Walker.  Very good if you are looking for something to dive into.




We are running low on our stock of balloons since K insists we blow one up at least once a day.  Chasing these balloons around keeps him busy for quite sometime.  Not all those toys in the bins behind him… the 1 cent balloon is the winner.




Our pantry is getting a good clean out.  We have gone out to the grocery store once so far and only bought some dairy, fruits, and vegetables.  I am afraid to get too low though just in case things get really bad so J will probably end up at the store again in a week or so.




Shocker more balloon pictures.  We have our couch set up in a giant square which I thought was a great idea at the time… but not in my 6th month of pregnancy.  I can hardly get out of this thing ha so it might have to go back to our regular set up soon.  But it sure is comfy to watch TV in.  We got this couch at Costco for under $1000 and it has held up well.




K is getting tons of attention which has been nice for him considering he will be sharing us starting in July.  He is continuing his good little boy behavior 90% of the time and we are PRAYING for another laid back baby.  What are the chances you get blessed with two chill children??




Work has been crazy.  They are canceling elective surgeries which is emptying out our unit.  We had a debriefing after our shift last night that told us to be prepared to be floated all around the hospital.  This hospital is quickly filling up with COVID-19 patients so the work environment has been stressful and full of anxiety.  Praying we are able to get this under control and we don’t come close to the crisis Italy is facing.

Stay home.  Stay safe.  Stay healthy ♥️



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