the new normal.

COVID-19 has officially shut us down here in NJ.  Schools are closed for weeks.  Restaurants are open for take-out and delivery only.  Gyms are closed.  People are working from home.  There is a suggested curfew of 8 pm.  We are taking things pretty seriously in our house.  We are hoping to avoid the grocery store until the end of the week but then we will have to run out for milk, eggs, fruit… things like that.  I obviously still have to go to work but J is working from home.  He set up shop in our bedroom and we are doing a fairly good job of not disturbing him…




We are keeping ourselves occupied indoors and when the weather is nice we take full advantage of the outdoors.




There is probably too much TV watching going on but we have had some long days so I don’t feel too guilty about it yet.  This is K falling asleep AGAIN while watching Spongebob.  He is super snuggly right before his naps and sometimes I enjoy his snuggles for a little too long.




We fired up the grill for burgers.  I dug these buns out from the deep freezer and they have lost a bit of freshness, but they are serving their purpose for now.




We have been playing with bubbles and chalk in the driveway.  K kind of gets the concept of blowing bubbles except he blows the wand like this.  Sometimes he gets lucky and a little bubble pops out.




Currently hiding in the curtains and being chased around the house at top speed are favorite activities for K.




I made a simple teraki sauce and I cooked up sushi rice that we have had FOREVER.  Then I sautéed up frozen veggies and called it lunch.




This is such a weird and scary time and I am just doing my best to stay positive and keep any anxiety under control.  Being at work is pretty scary.  It is nerve-racking thinking about possible exposure and not knowing it.  But at least my house has never been cleaner and I have never been this on top of laundry 🙂  I just realized K is in the same outfit today as he was on Sunday because I was that fast with laundry turn around.  Hey, highlight the positives right?

Stay healthy ♥️



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