social distancing = home + outside.

Welp here we are practicing some social distancing.  I feel like it is the responsible thing to do at this time.  But I also must admit that being pregnant during this pandemic has heightened some anxiety for us.  So we felt like it was best to do everything in our power to stay safe and healthy.  That being said we have been toggling our time between being home and being outside.




K wanted to join the frontline and help out during this crisis.  Thankfully I don’t have close contact with COVID-19 patients, but if our elective surgeries start getting canceled then who knows where we will be floated in the hospital…




This is quite foreign to me, but this baby craves healthy foods.  With K I literally only ate grilled cheese and pop tarts.  I haven’t made quinoa in so long but I found some in the pantry and figured it would be a good base for my dinner bowls.




Lazy babies on the couch.  K fell asleep watching his new favorite show Spongebob Squarepants.  He calls it “Bob-Bob” and when the intro song comes on he sings the “Ohhhhhh” part.  It is quite cute.




Anddd more time outside.  I wish we had put in a swingset for him when we were thinking about it!  But we finally decided where we are going to put it so we are seriously considering it now.




More quinoa + veggies + chicken.  I dipped bites in caesar dressing and that sure was a great decision.




After dinner we wandered around the yard talking about our next house projects.  We have a couple of things we want to do outside and we are trying to prioritize them in case we don’t stay in this house forever.




I made lemon bars at night and my pregnant brain doubled the flour by mistake in the beginning, but I realized it so I had to make a DOUBLE batch.  We have so. many. lemon. bars.




I hope you are being safe and staying safe ♥️



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