nj swingset. chalk. magic bars.

K had a fun day with grandma while I worked on Tuesday.  Apparently he enjoys brushing his hair and likes getting the brushes stuck in his hair like so…




I was EXHAUSTED after work.  I think I need to invest in some better shoes to get through these 12 hour shifts while pregnant.  But a little sunshine in my day was that my mom baked these amazing bars and I will for sure get the recipe because they are so so good.




We had a playdate with some friends today.  We went to NJ Swingsets.  They sell swingsets but they also have maybe 6 set up in their warehouse.  They hol birthday parties and I think you can pay for open play.  My friend had a gift card so we had 2 hours of play.  We ordered lunch and had fun trying to catch up while chasing babies around.




In the afternoon K and I enjoyed the warm + sunny weather.  We played outside for a bit with chalk and bikes and t-ball.  Today has convinced me that we need to fence in our yard.  K wants to run down the driveway constantly and it makes playing in our yard not super appealing.  Ha goodbye tax return money…




K enjoyed a smoothie outside.  I pack his smoothies with so many nutritious ingredients that it makes me feel better if he had a not so great day of eating (like today).




Dinner was a random compilation of leftovers in the fridge… surprisingly it wasn’t bad.  J has been on a diet (lost like 30 lbs so far!) so I haven’t been cooking too many fancy recipes.  We mostly are sticking to meat + veggies and I will cook up an occasional chickpea pasta for K.




The college where I am taking grad classes has shut down because of COVID-19.  Work obviously won’t close down for me but I wonder if people are going to start to cancel elective joint replacements.  I am praying that it won’t mean that we float to the ER to help…  I just hope we can get this all under control and keep as many people as safe possible.  Stay healthy out there!



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