weekend recap 3.7 + 3.8

Hi all!  We had a fun + active weekend.  We had decent weather on Saturday and super nice weather on Sunday.  We started off the weekend with a pancake breakfast.




K had got so many gifts for Christmas that I put away some gifts so he could get something new all year.  He LOVES these trucks.  His ball obsession is still strong but trucks are really becoming a favorite as well.




On Sunday we did all things outside.  We started out with playground time.




Next we tried out our “new” (consignment find) hiking kiddo backpack.  We hiked for about 45 minutes and K was pretty content.  I think an hour is probably the most he would tolerate but that is probably as far as J could carry him anyway!




We ended the day with some time on the deck.  We got our patio set up and we are crossing our fingers for warmish weather from here on out!




For dinner we had steak on the grill with creamed spinach.  We were planning to order pizza so we gave ourselves a little pat on the back for cooking at home.  It is so hard to cook at home on the weekends!  We have been doing well with avoiding the weekend takeout temptation but I have been craving a grandma pizza.  Next weekend maybe…




This weekend was a good mix of getting stuff done and also doing some fun things as a family.  But always wishing for a 3 day weekend!  Who can we talk to about that?? 🙂



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