monkey boy. recent eats. spring is that you?

Hi friends!

We have total spring fever because we have been enjoying some really warm days!  K is so ready to run around outside.  He climbs up on all our furniture and likes to see how much he can get away with before being told to get down.  He is an outside boy for sure!




I have been eating variations of this dinner for the last few days.  Last night it was a side of zucchini and brown rice.  I am in one of my clean out pantry/freezer modes and these veggie burgers are almost gone.  It is Dr. Praeger’s brand and I think they are pretty good for a frozen patty.




We have been outside a ton both yesterday and today.  This nice weather is probably not here to stay so we are taking advantage while we can.




This balloon is still going strong.  For 2 weeks now??  But last night we forgot it outside and I think it has drifted off…




I got some more vitamin D while Kade napped with a good book + a side of trail mix.




I have to find K’s sunglasses from last summer because he loves to wear mine.  It is so much harder to keep track of things now.  Especially since K loves to just throw things all over the house.  We have lost the tv remote I don’t even know how many times.




I can’t wait for my tulips to come up!  They are peaking through already but I think that is just because of the warm last few days.  We have plans to do some major landscaping this spring.  We need to plant grass in the backyard and fix up the side yard where we took out a bunch of shrubbery.  Should be fun at 6 months pregnant…




I hope you are having a good start to the week! ♥️



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