Project 137. First Floor Main Living Space.

I have had this post as a draft for so long!  I wanted to document all our house updates so I can always go back and see what we have done over the years.  We have been in our house for FOUR YEARS already.  I can’t believe we have lived here for that long.

J and I recently looked at a foreclosure in our town with potential plans to live that fixer upper life again.  Ugh, it was such a disaster though and it had a crazy mold problem.  We like unique looking homes and this one did not disappoint.  But it was just way WAY too much work.

But it got me thinking about how much we love everything we have done to our current home.  We bought a fixer upper, no doubt about that.  But we knew it.  We were prepared for it.  And we were excited to have our house be new and our style.

J and I had a good laugh looking at these before pictures because we were like howwww did we walk though this house and be like “yup this is good we got this”.  But hey we did it!














During and After:



Obsessedddd with our doors.  We splurged on solid wood doors but I love the feeling of them and I think they look really nice.




A before and after shot of one corner of the front room…







I think we must have finished right before Easter or Mother’s Day so we had family over for brunch.





This is close to our current set up in our front room.  We have done some rearranging recently but for the most part we have kept it pretty much the same.




I am so glad we had this done before kids because living with no walls or floors is not something that would have been easy with a toddler running around.  Recently we have been focusing on some outdoor projects and we have some major landscaping/grass planting work to do this Spring.  It never ends as a homeowner right??





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