K- 22 months.




It has been so fun seeing your little personality develop.  You are definitely more opinionated these days… we are hoping the “terrible 2s” won’t be too terrible!  You are still sleeping great.  You take a 2ish hour nap around 1230pm.  You sleep 7p-7a most days.  You started saying “baby” instead of calling babies “wah wah”.  You still love throwing and kicking balls.  You like to play with cars, trucks, and trains.  You love going to the playground and being outside.  You are very good at animal sounds and you know all the parts of your body.  When we hang out with other kids you always watch very quietly first and then after a little while you are comfortable enough to play.  You like to climb on the stairs and are getting pretty fast going up and down them.  You love fruit, avocado, pasta, sweet potatoes, and when mama makes smoothies.  You ALWAYS need a bite of what mama and dada are eating.  You think it is quite special to take sips out of our drinks with a straw.  You love taking baths and now you will wash your own hair (with help).  We have been pretty sick this winter (colds, stomach virus, + bronchitis) so we are pretty excited for warm weather.  You are still a very fun and good boy most of the time considering temper tantrums have started to surface.  We love you and can’t wait for you to meet your new brother or sister! ♥️



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