al fresco lunch + smoothie weather.

We hit 60 degrees on Monday so you can imagine how happy I was about that.  We had all kinds of wildlife roaming our woods.  You can hardly see this deer family but one of the deer was white speckled!  I have never seen that before so I had to snap a picture to show my animal loving family.




We made sure we soaked up lots of vitamin D.  During K’s nap I tidied up the garage and vacuumed out my car.  Two things I have been dying to do but couldn’t brave the frigid temps to do so.




We had lunch on the deck.  K had leftover chicken and pasta in between shooting hoops and throwing everything over the railing.




I made a smoothie that we shared.  The smoothie had spinach + blackberries + blueberries + yogurt + pb + banana.  I also mixed in protein powder that I picked up at Whole Foods and ugh I hate this powder.  Ha but I’m stubborn and hate wasting food so I will continue to sometimes add it to smoothies.  It is Amazing Grass brand and I warn you to stay away!  The aftertaste is so weird.




I cut up mango and strawberries too and we devoured this bowl.  K loves fruit and so do I so I buy Costco sizes of it.  We always get through it!




We headed to a friend’s house in the afternoon to play for a bit before dinner.




He loved this swing even though this picture doesn’t show it.  We are still deciding if we are going to get him a swing set for his birthday in April.  But they are a TON of money and we aren’t sure where we want to put it yet.  And there is a playground in walking distance so we can’t decide if we really need one.  But I just think it would be nice to have one right in the yard.




Dinner was simple with sliced steak over a veggie rice mixture.  The rice was a frozen bag and the steak I had cooked up earlier in the day so it came together in a minute.  During tax season J gets to order dinner at work for free if he works late.  Since he works past 6:30p most days he orders a lot.  Which is why I have been eating a ton of random dinners but this one was pretty normal.




We are getting rain for the next couple of days so unfortunately we will be back indoors but it was good while it lasted!



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