weekend recap 2.22+2.23

We had some warmish days this weekend which was quite nice.  We took to the outdoors as much as we could.




We went to a 1st birthday party on Saturday afternoon.  They had a special musical guest and K wasn’t too sure of this guy.  He sat by me for the first part and then warmed up to the tunes after about 10 minutes.  But then he went for the cake (baseballs were all over it so I KNEW it would be a problem from the start) so he was a little upset when he got cut off before he smashed the cake.




We spent the rest of the day at home.  K lovesss sipping out of our drinks.  We have to be careful where we leave them because he has picked up and carried a full glass over to me.




Baby #2 is 20 weeks and minus the constant sickness we have been dealing with this winter I have been feeling pretty good.  This baby is a mover though and is always flipping around in there!  I have been going to spin classes at the gym so I definitely feel more in shape this pregnancy.  More than halfway now!




K is pretty obsessed with J recently.  I think he likes to play rough and J is always up for that.  He asks for dada when he wakes up and before he goes to bed, it is so cute!




I whipped up a quick vodka sauce to go with some chickpea pasta on Saturday night.  I randomly added balsamic vinegar to the sauce which gave it a good flavor.




On Sunday J had to work in the morning so we kept it pretty low key.  We headed to my mom and dads for dinner.  My mom got K this dog bouncer and he goes crazy on it.  She loves buying toys for him and he has SO MANY over there.




The weekend flew by as usual but the nice weather made it an extra good one!




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