bronchitis. sandwiches galore. baby sono.

I feel like every post I have written lately has been like “whelp we are sick!”.  Here we are now battling chest colds.  This little boy was so beat he fell asleep on the couch watching his show at 10:30 am.




J had a rough week at work so I was on my own for dinner most nights.  I think I either ate a sandwich, eggs, or cereal every night this week.  But my appetite sucks anyways with being sick so it was fine.




Being outside makes us cough so we have been hermits.  I got K a new reusable sticker book which he loves.  He likes to take the stickers off and have me put them back on.




We went to the mall for some play place time with my mom on Friday.  K got to run around which was great.  I felt a little guilty since he was still coughing but hopefully he is no longer contagious?




I got to see the little baby too!  20 weeks old 🙂




Now if we are driving too close to K’s nap time and he falls asleep he hasn’t been transferring to his crib that great anymore.  I got him to his crib and his eyes popped open.  I would probably be better off just laying on the couch with him sleeping on me.




Shocker another sandwich.  Bacon+lettuce+avocado.  Fancy.




Happy weekend!



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