winter festival. corn muffin trials. balloon revelation.

Yikes we are still riding the struggle bus trying to fight off these chest colds.  K seems to be getting better but now I am dealing with a chest full of fire.  Winter, you done yet?




We didn’t go to church on Sunday since K was coughing and I didn’t feel right putting him in the childcare.  Instead we went to a winter carnival at Greenwood Lake just to get out of the house for a bit.  It was pretty cold out so we didn’t stay long.  K was pretty keen on just playing with the balloons and didn’t have too much interest in the other activities.




They do a polar plunge every year and I could not imagine getting in the water with how cold it was out.  But I guess some people find it refreshing?




K got a new table at grandma’s house.  Apparently he sits at it for 0.5 seconds.  He likes to get in and out of the chair more than he likes to sit at the table.  AND did you know Crayola makes WASHABLE crayons?  My mom said they wipe right off the table.  Wish I knew that before K drew all over his backpack today with our NON-washable ones…




Sadly my Friday blog post didn’t publish for some reason 👎   So annoying!  I’ll redo it for this Friday.  K likes to sit at our laptop now and “type”.




My corn muffin craving is still going strong so I set out to make another batch.  I am playing around to try to get them a bit moister.  These are pretty good so I will share them in the next couple of days 🙂




Today we ran errands and had lunch with my mom.  K got a balloon from the grocery store.  But these fancy balloons are a ridiculous 5 dollars 😑 so I picked up a 2 dollar bag of regular latex balloons at Target to satisfy his balloon obsession without spending 5 bucks on a single balloon.  Now to get out of the grocery store without him yelling for one…




I have been on, off, on, off etc at work for the last 5 days which has been draininggg.  Tomorrow is my last shift for almost a week and I couldn’t be more excited to rest my body for 6 days.

Hope your day was great ♥️




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