sick. baby. AGAIN.

Winter has been KILLING US.  I think this is the 4th time illness will probably make its way though all of us.  K came down with a cough on Wednesday night and he has been sick with a cough, runny nose, and low grade fever ever since.  He goes back and forth between running around and playing fine to being sad and needing to be held.  I found these lollipops that are supposed to soothe a sore throat so he is pretty pumped about those.




He was by my mom’s on Wednesday while I worked and he was in pretty good spirits but she noticed that he was a little off.  He wasn’t sick enough to not find his basketball though!




Even on Thursday he wasn’t too bad.  We went to the playground in the afternoon because it seemed like he was feeling better.  He always wants to swing first but says “all done” pretty quickly.  We didn’t stay too long but we got to stretch our legs at least.




K usually gets a tub every night because I think it helps him wind down for bedtime.  And he loves it in there!  He got these new little boats for Christmas and he likes to line them up on the side of the tub.




Ugh Friday though was no good.  He was super upset all morning and even fell asleep next to me on the couch.




But we had to go to Costco because I had an appointment to get J some new tires on the Jeep.  He did okay but was definitely not feeling great.  I rushed him back home as soon as I could.  I am totally not an alarmist with kid sickness because it is almost always viral and you can’t do anything but let it run its course.  But he ate and drank pretty crappy today so if tomorrow isn’t much better then I might end up taking him to the doctor.




Ah it is so stressful to have a sick kid right?  It is heartbreaking to see him not feel well.  It did not make for fun days off before I have to work again.  I think I earned this cannoli though after two days of trying to soothe a sick baby 🙂




Prayers that K feels better and we don’t need a doctor visit!  I hope you have a great weekend!



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