friday feels. 2.

happy valentines day!  I hope you are showing/receiving all the love!  We just got done with an amazing homemade v-day meal courtesy of Sam the Cooking Guy (will share about him below).  Here is what I’m feelin’ this week!


all the feels:

Anyone else struggle to drink enough water in the winter??  Jen aka The Rambling Redhead had shared this product on her instagram and I am HOOKED on this stuff.  I think she found this when she was pregnant because she also had a tough time drinking enough water.  It is basically just an electrolyte replacement drink but it is pretty clean so I feel okay drinking it while pregnant.  I have tried the lemonade and raspberry flavors but there are a bunch more too!  I got this on Amazon.




Ugh darn this baby belly, I can’t get into my high rise jeans anymore.  Bad timing but I found these at Target.  I didn’t buy them because it will be awhile until I can wear them but I snapped a quick photo because I will for sure be picking these up once I am back in some high rise jeans again.  These babies are only 28 bucks and they are so comfy.  I can’t speak to if they stretch out or anything after wearing but they were pretty darn comfy even with a little baby belly.




We don’t have cable so we tend to watch a lot of Youtube videos.  J watches a lot of “how to” kind of videos and also cooking and weight lifting videos.  I mostly just watch what he watches or read BUT he found this cooking channel and the food this guy makes is unbelievable.  On instagram I think he is just @thecookingguy but you can find him on Youtube at Sam The Cooking Guy.  His recipes are mouthwateringggg.  We finally got around to making one of his meals tonight for V-day.  It literally tasted like we were sitting at a fancy steakhouse.




He did a reverse sear method for this steak and it is probably the only way we will ever cook filet again.  We cooked them in the oven at 275 degrees for 45 minutes (until internal temp was 135ish degrees) and then pan seared them for 1 minute per side.  SO juicy and perfectly cooked!



Happy Friday ♥️



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